‘A good teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning.’
Brad Henry


At the end of this module you will have:

  • Understood why it is essential to be a positive role model and have a strong moral purpose
  • Developed skills and tools to monitor and evaluate teaching and learning
  • Ability to design and lead comprehensive and targeted improvement plans taking into account resource and risk management
  • Awareness of strategies to reduce teachers’ workload
  • Recognised the importance of systems, policies and practices
  • Appreciation for the importance of continued professional development and its impact
  • Developed a stronger understanding of the importance of pedagogy, Theory for Learning
  • Value the effectiveness of a collaborative culture in driving improvement in teaching and learning

Pre Task: 7 traits of a good role model

Session 1 – Driving teaching & learning

During this session you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on yourself as a role model to others.
  • Reflect on the six step process for self-evaluation.
  • Explore strategies and tools to collecting evidence.
  • Explore ways to identify and design school/ subject improvement.

Resources – The six step process to self-evaluation, Logic models, Diamond 9, Key drivers, FISO IMPROVEMENT MODEL ANIMATION FINAL

Extended Learning -

Pre Task: EEF Blog: Five evidence-based strategies to support high-quality teaching for pupils with SEND

Session 2 – Propelling Collaborative Exploration

During this session you will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand ways to locate, comprehend and pick out suitable pedagogy/ theory for learning including key learning theorists and quality first teaching.
  • Explore formats for professional learning communities including collaborative working and sharing good practice.
  • Practice your coaching, scaffolding and communication skills and familiarise yourself with mentoring.

Resources – https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/evidence-summaries/teaching-learning-toolkit/, waves of intervention model, quality first teaching, 10 Quality First Teaching Strategies To Implement In Your Lessons, ten tips for improving teaches workload, professional learning cycle, professional learning cycles. https://www.allthingsplc.info/about


Extended Learning -