The climate throughout the Federation is one of being the best you can be and making the ordinary extra ordinary. Our approach to staff professional development is based on the view that people are our most precious resource. We are committed to supporting, developing and retaining the best staff. All staff have a high-quality induction and are entitled to Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL). There is an explicit focus on reflective staff development, not just pedagogical and organisational, but on the development of confident school community development. The CPDL takes place individually, collaboratively between schools and with external partners.

A strong culture of collaboration has been developed. Our staff work together, have ownership, and make decisions based on a shared moral purpose. The Federation has an organisational approach to action learning and instructional coaching, a process involving small groups working on school improvement priorities. The dialogue and discussion are invaluable in terms of empowering staff, developing capacity and encouraging collective thinking and responsibility. This is then translated into classroom practice through appreciative inquiry and teacher frameworks.
Business and support staff professional development and learning is role specific, focused on providing the best possible support and essential skills such as communication. Our class-based support staff have a comprehensive programme of professional development specific to their role and based on professional excellence.