Commitment Statement

Welcome to The Aspire Federation

Here you will have the opportunity to be part of our learning journey, join us in celebrating our success and find out useful information.

The Aspire Federation is a partnership between Landgate School and Oakfield High School and College. As schools we have a shared vision and goal, whilst promoting an irresistibly unique and personalised learning experience.

At Aspire we are committed to ‘Aiming High, Reaching All’.

We believe our mission is to provide:

  •  Exciting, inspiring education which focuses upon the whole child.
  •  High quality and innovative teaching and learning experiences enabling our learners and staff to be the best they can be.
  • A creative, positive, safe and nurturing environment which encourages learners and staff to have a sense of community and develop meaningful relationships.

You can find information about your son’s / daughter’s school on their websites:

We look forward to working in partnership with you, as we move our schools forward.

The Executive Head Teacher
Catherine Taylor

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